How To Stay In The Fat Burning

The Fat Burning zone. The ultimate sweet spot! How do you reach this zone, let alone stay there? Is it an intense cardio workout? Maybe a cleanse will do the trick.

Before you jump into one or the other, let us stop you right there. 

The hard truth is, even the hardest cardio workout can’t work off bad carb choices. And that crash diet you’ve been considering? That will bring you back to square one faster than you can say “pass the chips”.

The Fat Burning Zone can be reached simply when you eat the right carbs at the right time. And guess what? If you do it right, you can lose weight and feel better, even with little exercise! Chock it up to the simple power of good carbs.

How can you become a Fat-Burning Machine? It’s all about simple lifestyle changes.

Say NO to sugar.


We are simply addicted to sugar! You know deep down that avoiding sugar as much as possible is the way to go, but many of us can’t seem to kick the habit. But, we always say, nobody’s perfect. 

You probably won’t be able to avoid sugar all of the time, but if you want to see a real change, you have to eliminate it as much as possible. If you have a particularly insatiable sweet tooth, stock your fridge with fruit to take the edge off with a little guilt-free natural sweetness! Remember, to eat fruit alone – with no other carbs. And always eat fruit on an empty stomach. A reasonable size portion should be no larger than your fist. 

Stay away from bad carbs.

Regular breads (even including whole wheat, whole grains, multi-grain), any fruit juice, pastries, white rice, any soda (regular or diet) synthetic sweeteners, potatoes, chips, etc.

All these carbs transform into sugar in your body so fast that it’s almost as bad as eating pure sugar! That’s why we love them so much and sometimes can’t stop eating them.


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The true carbs you need to be eating, are those that fortunately were skipped by the food industry and human domestication!

Legumes, nuts, seeds, ancient grains, berries are good examples; just think about it this way: most good carbs are complete foods rich in fiber, protein, good fats and micronutrients making these foods an essential part of your new healthy lifestyle. If you’re wondering what falls under the ancient grains category, we’ll make it easy: Zapp’s Dancing Grains Breads are a delicious option!

These two main lifestyle changes will garner significant results if you stick to them, and make a true commitment to yourself and your health. The best part is, before you know it, these yummy healthy food choices will be less of a sacrifice and more of a delicious habit you actually look forward to. 

Again, that’s simply the power of good carbs! When you learn that eating healthy doesn’t have to be miserable, and you learn of all the fun, flavorful ways to give your body the fuel it craves, then you’ll find yourself in the Fat-Burning Zone… to stay!