If you don’t eat bread anymore, worrying about refined carbs we totally understand. That’s why we created The Good Carb Bread! The engine that drives us!


Through time we have embraced some very harmful habits. In the last 100 years, we've radically changed our diet and our foods. The consequence is we are feeding our bodies the wrong food - not good or bad, just not the right food for which we are designed. Until just a century ago, we were consuming less than 5 pounds of sugar per year per capita. Today, we consume more than 120, plus a barrage of simple or refined carbs. Almost all of them are in the form of highly modified and highly processed foods.

We are all addicted to sugar and simple, refined carbs - white bread, rice, sugar, refined flours, potatoes, pasta, and even whole grain bread etc. They convert into sugar very quickly in our bodies. It spikes our blood-insulin levels, produces inflammation in the body, and prevents us from using body fat as a normal fuel. With that, comes a cascade of problems ranging from digestive discomfort and obesity, to many self-immune diseases that have become so prominent. But because sugar make us release dopamine (feel good drug), we are programmed to reinforce the "damaging cycle."


When we eat simple carbs, there is a chemical message of abundance and three very important things happen:
  1. We use as much as we can to feed our bodies
  2. The rest is stored in our “fuel tank” in the form of glycogen
  3. Any leftovers will be converted into fat to protect you from starvation

In today’s world, we have a continuous supply of ready-to-eat food all around, making it almost impossible to ever tap into that fat reserve. Remember that up until only a few decades ago there was no guaranteed meal, and our fat reserve was essential for survival.


For more than two million years, our digestive system has evolved to process hard-to-digest foods and especially very complex carbs. Great examples are ancient grains, seeds and legumes that are rich in proteins, fats and complex carbs.These are not meant to be digested but spread around and fertilized by the eater. Evolution adapted our guts and teamed up with good bacteria (pro-biotics) to digest these complex carbs, some of the richest foods that we can eat.


The importance of eating good carbs and staying away from bad carbs is fundamental to staying healthy (and lean). That's why we created Zapp's Dancing Grains. Our delicious bread combines the incredible characteristics of ancient varieties of wheats and barleys that can be traced back 5,000 years. Patented technology enables us to produce dense European-style bread with an artisan feel, flavor, and aroma like no other in the world.

By replacing bad carbs with GOOD carbs such as ZDGs, you will give your body the ability to:

  • stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels to allow natural fat burning in the body,

  • reduce inflammation produced by the constant sugar tsunamis that we put our body through many times a day, and 

  • feed your gut bacteria (we have more gut bacteria than cells in the body) with their favorite food, enhancing your digestion, immune and nervous systems that are all inter-related.