Flavor, flavor, flavor! We created 5 very distinct and innovative flavors so no one is left out! From sweet (without the sugars) to savory, all of our breads are based on our Original that was certified by the Glycemic Research Institute both Low Glycemic and Diabetic Friendly with in-vivo trials.


This is how it all began; when Papa Zapp was experimenting in his “laboratory converted” home kitchen trying to find a way to prepare bread that he could eat after his recent diabetes diagnosis. Inspired by traditional German whole grain breads, it’s packed with great flavor, good carbs, protein and fiber. Great for any occasion, Original Zapp’s Dancing Grains is our most popular bread, featured in restaurants and hotels.


We tried more than 10 different kinds of cinnamon when we created our beloved Marbleous. We use Saigon cinnamon because of its high aroma, but also because it gives you a sweet sensation without the sugar! Mixed with Cranberries from a Wisconsin co-op, almonds and maple, this bread is the best addition to your breakfast. Add any nut butter or creamy cheese and you’ll love it even more!


When we found the great combination of caraway and mango we knew we were combining east and west in one great flavor! It will remind you a little rye bread because of the caraway, but the pistachios and pumpkin seeds take it to a new level with 5 g. of protein per slice. With a very well-balanced flavor profile, our German Chutney is a favorite among top chefs. Endurance athletes also love it for its amazing almost 2:1 carb to protein ratio!



Inspired by Mexican cuisine, we had to add a little kick to it! A blend of two different cocoas, almonds and smoked chipotle, this bread is the best cheese partner in town! Goes great with any cheese from creamy and soft, to hard and strong it seems to enhance the beauty of all cheese. Take a bite and wait 15 seconds for a spicy surprise!



A customer recently said “this bread is a meal by itself!” With a bold flavor influenced by eastern herbs and spices, Vietnam is a little more salty than our other flavors and slightly spicy. Weather you want to make a boring turkey sandwich fun or an amazingly flavorful grilled cheese with guacamole, Vietnam will take it to another level.